Install Dropbox 2.4.0 in Ubuntu


Dropbox 2.4.0 stable has been released with better upload and download speed. It adds the Move to Dropbox context menu, which show up for most files or folders outside of Dropbox, and much faster upload/download speeds for large files.

New features in Dropbox 2.4.x:

  • Screenshot to Dropbox (Mac & Windows only)
  • Move to Dropbox
  • Import from iPhoto
  • Mavericks Support!
  • Much faster upload/download speeds for large files

Install Dropbox 2.4.0 in Ubuntu:

The new release doesn’t work in Ubuntu 13.10 (tested in 64-bit). Below steps show you how to install it in Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 12.10, and Ubuntu 12.04

1.) Press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard to open terminal. When it opens, run below command to download and uncompress Dropbox 2.4 (Check 32-bit or 64-bit via Details utility):

For 32-bit system:

  • wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

For 64-bit system:

  • wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

2.) Now you can launch dropbox by:

  • ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd

Follow the setup wizard and you’re done!

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